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Stay up-to-date with the world's largest collection of research papers in optics and photonics.The SPIE Digital Library provides engineers and scientists with the latest information on light-based technologies. Subscriptions are available for individuals or institutions.



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Governments, Corporations, and Universities

An institutional subscription to the SPIE Digital Library provides exceptional value to researchers in academic, government, and corporate research environments. The SPIE Digital Library includes journals (about 5% of content) and proceedings (about 95% of content). Institutions can subscribe to the full Digital Library or individual journals. It is not possible to subscribe to a collection of proceedings, but proceedings articles can be purchased individually. Additionally, institutions can subscribe to eBooks;. Please note that institutions do not have to subscribe to the Digital Library to subscribe to eBooks. All options are available on the same integrated platform.

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Interested in a quote? Email us with your full name, institution, title, and estimated number of users. Note: We can only provide quotes to librarians.

Institutions - High Schools and Two-Year Colleges

SPIE Digital Library subscriptions are now available at subsidized pricing to two-year colleges and free of charge to high schools. The program aligns with SPIE's mission to ensure affordable publication access to the greatest number of researchers possible.

Librarians interested in these subscriptions can contact SPIE Digital Library Sales staff at for details. Librarians at two-year colleges, please email Will Goodman at

For more information, please see our press release.


Journal and Proceedings papers are available for individual purchase on each article page. If you plan on purchasing multiple papers, an individual subscription might be the right choice for you.

Individual SPIE Digital Library subscriptions are available for personal use and are good for one year. Downloads made by the individual Digital Library subscriber are for the sole use of the subscriber.

50 Downloads/1-year Subscription

  • Non-members: $335
  • SPIE Members: $195*

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25 Downloads/1-year Subscription

  • Non-members: $250
  • SPIE Members: $145*

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Personal Subscriptions represent a significant savings over single-article purchases and SPIE Members save even more. Join more than 17,000 professional worldwide and become a member today.

* NOTE: Student Members, Retired Members, and Members residing in a Special Consideration Country are eligible for a special subscription rate. For details, contact SPIE Customer Service.

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